Symone Dolai

Symone has been performing in Hong Kong and around the world for 15 years.  She is a sought after instructor because she was the first X-Pole certified aerial instructor in Asia back in 2014 and in September 2018 she was promoted to Master Trainer. 

Between 2009-2017 she ran her own studio “Pole Paradise Studio”  teaching on pole, hoop (lyra), silks (fabrics), cube, static trapeze, chains and burlesque.  Pole Paradise Studio was the first studio in the world to create an aerial combined tournament first starting locally in HK in 2010 then going internationally from 2011 to 2014. Symone has mentored other competitions including the US Aerial Championships and Airstars in Taiwan & Thailand.

She is qualified to teach Pole, RIP Trainer, Pro bungee, Aerial Yoga, Aerial Hoop, Silks & Fabpole (silks & pole).
Symone guest judged for competitions in Hong Kong, Russia, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Japan & has taught workshops in , Greece, USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines & China.