Leah Roth

Lea is from Germany and she discovered her passion for dancing when she was a child. She started with ballet and rhythmic gymnastics and continued with different dancestyles as Jazz- and Modern Dance, HipHop and Cheerdance. After her high school Lea passed an integrated degree program as a Fitness Coach and she completed a dance education in different dancestyles as well. After working in the Fitness Scene for a couple of years, Lea decided to compete in Bodybuilding competitions in 2014.

In 2011 Lea started to teach herself how to pole-dance. Since 2013 she is teaching pole-dance in a Pole-dance school in Mannheim.

Her first pole-dance competition was in 2015. By now she is the German champion for the third time and participated at the World Championships a few times as well and she won the Pole Theatre Hungry Pro Art Category in 2019. In 2019 Lea was invited to perform at the German TV Show „Das Supertalent“ to represent Pole Dance as a sport and art style on TV.

Since 2019 Lea is a part of the X-pert Team and she is currently being trained to become an X-pert Trainer.

Lea loves to teach pole-dancing and also loves to perform because Pole-Dance is her first passion in life. Pole-dance is a perfect mix of strength, flexibility, dancing and elegance – that´s why she loves it so much.