Jen Bramble

Jen Bramble has won many awards for her professionalism and quality training over the years including 1st Place Female Bodybuilder 1997, voted in her hometown as Best Personal Trainer (3 consecutive years), Best Local Coach Runner-up (2 years), Best Yoga Instructor, Best Place to Workout, Best Place for Pole Fitness and Best Place for Kickboxing to name a few. Since opening Club B-FIT, Jen has produced numerous dance & fitness productions in her area mostly on behalf of black tie fundraisers that support local non-profits raising millions for their cause. Jen is proud to have also had the privilege to mentor more than a handful of young and inspiring women find their passion and drive over the past 10 years. Jens passion for fitness is worn on her sleeve and she looks forward to the future of all things fitness as it continues to evolve and develop creative approaches to inspiring humans everywhere to B-FIT!