Jazzy Kuhne

As a teenager, Jazzy danced in a hip hop crew and attended the Swiss Championship twice, dancing was always Jazzys passion and gave her the opportunity to express herself through music and movement.

In 2009, she saw the German Pole Dance Championships and decided, to start with this sensual and artistic dance. The strength, elegance and femininity kept Jazzy on the pole ever since. Jazzy did her first trainer education in 2010 and started to teach beginners. Through teaching Pole Dancing Jazzy found her love for strength training and to help people getting healthy through nutrition and fitness. After making receiving her diplomas she now works as a personal- and lifestyle coach at D&R Performance in Lucerne, Switzerland next to teaching Pole Dancing at Gravity Arts and Pole Dance Luzern.

Working for XPERT enables her to combine her love for pole and health through making better instructors that teach pole safe and efficiently. Jazzy also enjoys performing and is a regular competitor, judge and guest performer at many events.