Thea Wilson

I am amazed and a little bit emotional. This all started out after a trip to my local tip this January, I was feeling a bit lost, having just been discharged from hospital after I had reached my 5 years of remission. Was terrified of anything that resembled a bruise on my body (image attached to help you understand why). I was so very sick, on diagnosis and immediate admission to a haematology unit was told I probably only had days to live. Bonkers, I was a walking time bomb. FFWD 5 years I am still here. ‘YES GIRL’ my pole instructor would say.

So back to the Tip, saw the banner about Pole Fitness and thought hell why not, took down the number and made the call.

“will I get bruises”
“yes darling you will”
“great when can I start”

So I started mid January with private lessons at Liberty Pole Dance Academy with Sally Brady. Covid Hit and I received my letter that although I am discharged I will forever be a patient – I wasn’t allowed out. I quite literally dug up and excavated my garden, one woman, one shovel and a whole lot of sweat and grunting – I dragged bits of old shed clearing enough space for the XPOLE I had purchased (buy now think later). It took me 3 weekends to do this with a few deliveries of bark for XPOLE site 1 then recently did more digging to put hard standing down XPOLE site 2.

Sally switched from studio to back garden and I signed up to 2 PT classes a week. My neighbours are now used to either a head or a foot popping over the garden fence. Sally has also pre recorded splits classes, back and shoulder flex classes, floor work and shoe fundamentals…Shoes…..I need shoes. Thanks to Pole Junkie and Royal Mail I am now fully equipped.

Sally also set up a Whats app group to keep us all in touch, it is really active and has been a great way to support each other through Covid and Isolation.

I also dragged my work colleagues into my pole adventure and started morning Yoga and Barre classes (brilliant complimentary training) – the entire lock down we have done Barre 3 times a week and yoga 5, it gets us all up and committed to start a productive day and my strength and flexibility has greatly benefited – I will and I did get into Teddy, Rainbow, the start of Ballerina, Jumilla and my first invert (last week) safely spotted by my boyfriend who could finally visit me.

What more can I say I am about 6 months into my new most favourite thing in the world then an email lands from you with my nomination. Blown away and for the first time I am not scared of being bruised. I am proud of them because I know in the process of getting them I worked hard and it’s not leukemia it’s a gift from my pole.

I am 43 on Monday I didn’t think I would reach 40 now look at me the strongest I have ever been. Thank you Sally and thank you Pole x