Studio Fly

Studio Fly originally opened in Ware in 2014 and has since opened a second site in Harlow. The studio ethos has always been focused on a strong family feel, a place where you can come and be loved and learn to love yourself. We promote the growth of self confidence far above any quick win moves or competitive atmosphere. There are over 20 instructors working across the sites teaching everything aerial as well as a lot of dance and supporting classes.

Fly now has over 200 adult members and 100 children members. We are a membership only club as feel that is the best way to really enhance the feeling of belonging and being a part of something amazing.

In addition to our members we also work with a local charity and provide non-profit classes for autistic children and their care-givers. We also provide private classes and parties for a wide range of individuals from homeschool groups to corporate bonding experiences.

During lockdown we have had a full online timetable of over 20 classes a week. This was not only to keep students motivated, engaged and give them value for money but also to provide an income for some of our instructors who work purely in the fitness industry as self employed instructors. We also opened a ‘safe space’ forum where everyone could share their personal stories and help and engage with others who had been through similar battles and trials. This started with myself (the owner) sharing my ‘road to Studio Fly’ story in the form of a live feed and then took off more than any of us could have imagined as people shared stories of abuse, loss, and mental health. The support for one another was immense and it allowed members to feel appreciated and understood during some of the toughest and loneliest parts of lockdown.

We have been prepping like mad for the reopening and have followed all guidelines and regulations to create the safest space possible. The new ‘normal’ may not be quite what we are used to but we are so excited to re-open and to win an award such as this would be an absolute honour as I (personally) hope for nothing more than to inspire and to encourage every person that steps foot through our studio doors.
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