SewSteff is a UK based, custom pole clothing brand, passionate about making size inclusive and affordable pole fitness wear.
I am the sole owner and seamstress at SewSteff HQ. As a single mum to two young girls I am committed to promoting independence, self-sufficiency and empowerment. I love to reflect these qualities within my work.

3 years ago, my new love for pole unexpectedly united me with my passion for sewing. The values demonstrated by my instructors and classmates really ignited a fire in me to bring both of my passions together.

I have worked to build a person-centred experience with a view to inspire confidence in fellow ‘Polers’. The items I offer are both customisable and practical whilst also encouraging clients to show their individual style and flair. I strive to provide pole clothing that is as empowering for those more body conscious, as it is for those more daring. Each and every one of my clients is treated as an individual.
3 years ago, I began by only offering two styles of shorts. These were primarily sold to local pole students. I began to develop Facebook and Instagram pages to advertise my items. I have since worked to provide a much larger array of choices, including but not limited to, various styles of sport bras and shorts to back warmers, skirts, crop t-shirts and platform shoe protectors. I am steadily increasing the available selection as I am encouraged to respond to Polers requests – they all have their own fantastic inspirational ideas. I lovingly handmake each set with the individual client in mind and am now even shipping internationally.

This last year has been incredible. I have been honoured to support other areas of the pole community as they raise money for charities. I have had the great pleasure of making outfits for annual charity shows, providing raffle items and vouchers to university pole communities and even supporting a studio after they had flood damage earlier this year. I have also had the opportunity to team up with a couple of studios to create a ‘uniform’ that reflects their studio’s personality and brand. In the last few months, whilst continuing to trade during the Covid-19 pandemic, I have supplied face coverings and headbands to workers on the front line alongside working on the front line myself in pharmacy.

Being environmentally conscious is high on my list of priorities. I use packaging that is either repurposed, recyclable or reusable. I make a conscious effort to buy supplies from small businesses, where possible. Scrap fabrics are either repurposed or sent on to those that can make use of them. This will continue to evolve as the business grows.
In the future I plan to expand the options offered (I am currently working on leotards and researching male orientated pole wear) whilst continuing to provide a flexible service to all Polers. My clients will always be my focus and I am joyed to say that I have made many a friend along the way.

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My instagram: SewSteff