Ray Healey

Hey! I’m Ray, an upside down enthusiast & self belief coach. As instructors we play a huge part in building our students body confidence & courage – I’m very grateful to have supported & helped them all grow in these life changing areas!

I feel truly honoured to be shortlisted & be held in such high regard by my students & to appear in these awards alongside some of the industries top & my idols. It’s a truly humbling experience.

My love of pole began in 2005 when I attended a class where there was one pole & a class of at least 20 students! We got 5 minutes each on the pole…but we were immediately hooked.

In March 2009 I started teaching with my now sister in law, Sammi. We ran classes for 6 years together. In that time had had two wee boys, so it was a juggle at times but pole gave me so much, especially in terms of “me time”. I am so grateful pole in my life, it gave me identity other than “mummy”.
We closed the doors on our pole school in July 2015 & I took a short break before a good friend offered me the opportunity to teach for her pole school. By Jan 2016 I was teaching again & loving it more than ever. I was where I was meant to be. I soon had two classes with a range of student abilities… i was back in my happy place.

Over the last 11 years I’ve had many students come through the doors, in fact some of the girls I teach now are from my first pole school & they travel pretty far each week to attend my classes. Their loyalty keeps me pushing me to be better & I adore each member of my little pole family.

I love that a student can walk through the doors with very little confidence or self belief but by week 3 or 4 their feeling really accomplished. As they learn to love pole the slowly start to love themselves & their self belief soars.
I LOVE how empowering pole is. It’s completely unique & like no other sport.
I know every instructor would say this, but my students are the most incredible souls & I’m very grateful for their trust in my abilities & their determination & commitment each & every week.

I’m an instructor for Rachel Meredith at her school https://www.chromespinnerspolefitness.co.uk/

My Instagram handle is