Pole Junkie

During the global lockdown for Covid-19, we wanted to do something that would lift the spirits of our pole community and support instructors who had lost income due to workshops/events being cancelled. Over the course of lockdown we partnered with 8 pole stars to run a weekly giveaway where polers could win a PJ voucher and an online private with that week’s pole star (All privates were paid for by Pole Junkie at the instructors regular private rate). Each week was themed around a household task and required no pole to ensure anyone could take part. While this was initially planned to run for 4 weeks, we extended the time frame due to the immense positive feedback from our instagram followers.

We also adapted our warehouse operations immediately to meet Government guidelines on social distancing to ensure we could continue distribution throughout lockdown. We recognised that closing would also have a knock on effect on all of the brands we stock, all of whom are small businesses within the pole industry.

Aside from the Coronavirus pandemic, in light of the recent events in the US, Pole Junkie has been vocal in how they wish to help the BLM movement by donating over £1200 so far to multiple BLM charities, using their platforms to amplify Black voices within our industry (so far partnering with Kheanna Walker, Jessica Deebank and Leila Davies) and opening the conversation with their brands to increase diversity and inclusion in future shoots and campaigns.

In support of Pride month, Pole Junkie donated 10% of all sales taken on the 51st Anniversary of the Stonewall uprising to Stonewall UK and Mermaids who campaign for the equality of lesbian, gay, bi and trans people across Britain and supports gender variant and transgender youth respectively. We were delighted to donate £420 to each charity and are now working with the marketing departments at both charities on future support.

Pole Junkie is the pole industry’s leading clothing, shoes & accessory reseller, stocking 23 polewear brands from around the world. The founders, Kirsten and Heather immediately became pole sisters when they met at a University careers event, and sussed out they both went to the same pole studio. Standing in the corner with a glass of free wine and ignoring everyone else, they bonded over tricks they were dreaming of mastering and decided to do their first routine together – the video of which is buried and shall never be mentioned again!

Fast forward three years to October 2014. Although both had graduated with one working in finance and the other in sales, their pole game was still as strong as ever. Chatting about their latest pole swag bought from overseas, they had a moan about customs and shipping charges and the serious lack of choice in the UK. The idea of bringing it into the UK and somehow creating a website was brought up and they couldn’t stop talking about it. That day, potential suppliers were contacted and they went from walking to running. Since then they haven’t stopped.

Three months later, Pole Junkie was launched. Running out of Kirsten’s spare bedroom, suddenly orders were coming in from all over the world. Both still working full time jobs and packing orders and keeping up with admin at night, they were exhausted but full of enthusiasm. Within 9 months, they moved to a new premises that was far too big and took the terrifying leap of quitting their full time jobs. Pole Junkie HAD to work and suddenly, with all their attention on it, it did.

Now, they run out of a 4000sqft warehouse and have eight members of staff to make sure orders go out as quickly as possible and customer queries can be dealt with effectively. With over 1500 different products in stock, you can aim high with your pole wear goals. Team Pole Junkie are here for you every step of your pole journey. So wear your worth and spread the #polejunkielove. You deserve it.

Website: www.polejunkie.co.uk
Instagram: @pole_junkie
Facebook: www.facebook.com/polejunkieUK