Pink Kitten Dance Studio

Pink Kitten have 4 studio spaces/rooms in their location in central Bristol catering for a wide variety of classes including aerial silks, aerial hoop, pole, exotic dance, russian exotic, twerk, burlesque and much more. Pre lockdown the timetable boasted 4 classes an hour at peak time with lots of daytime and weekend options too.

During lockdown we moved quickly over to online classes offering around 6 classes everyday keeping the students busy and teachers employed.

Pink Kitten has been running since 2004,, since 2010 under the current owner Hannah Nicholls. Starting out teaching classes in a nightclub, various pub function rooms and gyms pink kitten moved to their first pole and aerial studio in 2012 this allowed the school to expand their offering to more classes and a bigger variety of sessions every night.

Over the last 4 years the business has expanded to two further spaces within the same building to create 4 studio spaces, a small studio shop and office.
Passionate about professionalism and safety in the industry, all instructors at pink kitten have over 3 years of experience in their field and are fully insured and qualified in whatever discipline they teach.
Our classes are more than just dance or fitness classes, they bring empowerment and boost confidence, sometimes in a life-changing way.
Pink Kitten has gone from strength to strength, inspiring people from all over the South West to pick up their dancing shoes and take to the air!
We now have a team of over 12 teachers, who teach over 50 classes a week including Pole Dancing, Floorwork, Aerial Silks, Circus skills, Burlesque, Aerial Hoop, Flexibility, Aerial Yoga, Booty Shaking, Chair Dance and lots more.
Pink Kitten students say they feel confident, stronger, sexier and love that they have the opportunity to be creative and express themselves in a supportive environment.
We believe that being SEXY is far more than looking a certain way, being sexy is about having an X-factor that comes from within, and we aim to give you the tools to find that XXX
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