Louise Gardiner

I have run my studio, Affinity Pole Fitness, for 15 years now. My inspiration behind my business is driven by wanting to empower women and remind anyone and everyone of the “you are beautiful, you are sexy” element. I make my studio a safe space for my clients to come, relax, enjoy themselves, and rediscover their sexy side. At the same time they are all reassured that the safe space element also stretches to them being to be open and honest about anything they want to talk about.
My message has always been the same; that dancing and being sexy isn’t about what you look like, but who you are and how you feel. That it all starts from within.
The clients I have and the different journeys I have seen come through my studio are all inspirational in their own right, and I can honestly say I am privileged to have helped them on their way.

Affinity pole fitness
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