Leah Rose

I am the creator and caretaker of Chrome Roses Pole Dance but I’m not exactly sure how that happened! I started pole around 13 years ago (yikes!) when i was looking for a way to keep in shape, and the appeal of the risque led me to pole classes and haven’t looked back since. I have had some incredible experiences through pole that I am eternally grateful for. I have a passion for movement and am always looking for different training courses or classes to allow me to expand my knowledge to be able to best help my students, which is why I love being an XPERT trainer as get to share that knowledge around the world. I have quite a tongue in cheek teaching style and an known in the studio for inventive body positioning cues (such as the torch up the butt cue…)
Through many years of teaching, I have learnt that you have to leave ego at the door and never stop striving to be a better trainer. and that I am guaranteed to leave the studio feeling better than when I went in because of how happy teaching makes me.

I’m not good at selling myself so I asked my students to help me write something. I hope that’s ok
“I think for me it’s that you’re such an excellent dancer but your classes are never about showing off your many skills so that people feel inferior but it’s about building people up and show them what their body is capable of doing. You encourage your students to dance for themselves which builds confidence beyond belief. You genuinely encourage people to be better than they were before whilst giving them the tools to do it on their own”

“Leah taught me to love myself again. She gave me a family that accepts me for who I am and, no matter what, will support me. She has taught me to accept my flaws but also challenges me to be my best self. Yes, Leah is a teacher but, in reality, she is so much more than that.”

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