KCC Aerial Fitness

KCC Aerial Fitness was created 2 years ago to welcome anyone and everyone from all walks of life into the pole and aerialist community, we stand by a no judgement policy and no ‘cliques’.
We have had a large number of our students from our studio blossom from attending our wide range of classes and becoming not only experienced aerialists, but great friends with instructors and other students in classes.
We have a very varied age range from our youngest aerialists being 5 years old and our eldest being 70 (who could easily give our youngest students a run for their money).
Our classes range from Pole fitness to Aerial Hoop and a range of Aerial fabric classes as well as our kids and teen classes as well.

Our website- https://kccaerialfitness.weebly.com
Our Social media –
– Instagram : kccaerialfitness
– Facebook : KCC Aerial Fitness