Jack Scott Lee

Hi my name is Jack Scott-Lee my stage name is AERIALJACK and I run my own pole and aerial circus school in the West Midlands AERIAL JACKS POLE AND CIRCUS ACADEMY. I am one of the very few male gay pole dancers of colour who regularly competes, performs and runs their own pole business who is of ethnic minority and of colour.
I’m so blessed to be able to do what i love full time teaching and performing pole and aerial all over Europe and have had so many amazing opportunities from performing at super clubs in Ibiza to corporate high society events around the UK as well as providing a fabulous fun fitness outlet in the midlands where previously the once deprived area the studio has become a fantastic outlet for youth and adults in the community and beyond, holding many charity shows and fundraisers for organisations that are close to my heart and I volunteer for regularly such a the Birmingham lgbtq and help Birmingham homeless.
I’m so honoured to be amongst most inspiring instructors. I have had to overcome physical setback when in 2015 I broke my neck and had to have life changing surgery and huge fear and doubts were placed on whether I would be able to continue to pole dance ever again.
With a great medical team and bundles of determination, motivation and positivity I was back doing what I love in no time at all and my pole dance fitness journey has gone from strength to strength running a successful pole dance business, successfully competing and performing every weekend.
I love being able to inspire others by being my unique self as a member of the bipoc lgbtq community, I am diverse and that reflects in my studio and customers I instill self confidence and body positivity to everyone I encounter and that through pole dance fitness you can love yourself without prejudice to skin, sexuality, body shape and gender.