Hannah Selden

I started pole when I was around 16 (15 years ago, gulp), mostly because I was roped into a course! Peered through the window of an advanced class and saw someone doing a crossed leg layback, thought WOW, but strangely not inspired to go back. A few months past and took private lessons here and there, casually popped a pole up in my mums barn, painted the room pink and called it my very own pole studio. See photo attached.

What’s funny is, when I was 17, I was diagnosed with ME. Not many know, I don’t talk about it. It crushed my confidence, I lost the ability to social with people I don’t know, found it hard to communicate, was physically and mentally drained a lot of the time. Anyone who has experienced my lessons, would find it all really hard to believe, I’m different person when I’m in my Aerial/Pole bubble. Around the same time, I took up pole. I’m convinced pole got me through the hard times; it channelled by mind into positive thinking and achievable goals, it pushed my body and made me stronger. I got through 3 years of a Dance Degree and then went on to teach dance. I thank pole for that.

After some time, while studying to become a school teacher, I started teaching my own classes (2010). I always say ‘it was a hobby that took off’. A long story cut short, I quit the day job and became a full time pole teacher. I recently opened up Aerial Arts Studio (2019), it’s always been my ultimate dream to have my own dance studio (growing up as a dancer), but it was a dream and never thought it would become reality. The truth is, it’s better than the dream, it’s awesome. I love teaching, love my members, love my friends in our industry, extremely proud of my studio and have the best instructor team that money can’t buy. Passion drives me forwards and has got me through this hellish year.

The industry has taken me many places; from successfully competing in pole and Aerial Silks, shows, charity events, photoshoots, music videos (cool pic attached). I love how diverse it is. I’ve always felt my quirks are accepted!

I own Aerial Arts Studio in Tonbridge, Kent
insta – @hannah_aerialartsstudio