Darknight DK

Darknight “DK” is a dynamic animated performer who moves with incredible power, agility, and expression. She is a mental health advocate that believes pole dancing is self care in motion. Her love for fitness started with cheerleading. She has been an athlete for 15+ years with an extensive background in choreography, coaching, and psychology. She is a natural leader and an impenetrable force that inspires all who encounter her captivating personality.

Darknight is a 3x Pole Sport Gold Medalist that started pole in October 2016. She is an XPERT Certified Pole Instructor in Atlanta, GA where she offers Competition Coaching for Pole, Cheer, and Dance Sports in addition to teaching Pole Conditioning, Advanced Series, Privates and Parties. She has created ‘The Art of Emoting’ dramatic pole workshop where she encourages storytelling movement through raw emotions. As a pole instructor, she empowers students to challenge themselves and seek overall wellness.

Follow Darknight on IG: @misschromediva