Aoife Byrne

Hi, my name is Aoife Byrne and I’m from Dublin, Ireland. I’m absolutely honoured to be nominated for this award. To have a job which is a hobby I love, surrounded by friends which are like a family… it’s like I’m
living in a dream. Here is a little bit about my background.

I started out Irish dancing at the age of 3 competing weekly. I then started Jazz Ballet at the age of 8. From an early age I knew that I could never have a “normal” job and wanted to be working in fitness in some shape or form.

In 2006 after my first course I was asked by my teacher if I’d like to continue training towards becoming a Pole instructor. I jumped at the opportunity. My pole journey had then begun! In 2008 I left that school
and set up my own pole school, Twirl. In 2017 after a location change and expanding into other parts of fitness, the business evolved into what’s now known as, Flow Fitness. I’m constantly upskilling in my spare time, making sure I have new things to offer my Flow Family.

I was reared on stunt-filled action films and developed a fascination at an early age. As a teen I got into Kick Boxing. After achieving my 2nd Dan Black Belt I continued on to train in Rock Climbing, Gymnastics,
Trampolining, Scuba, Swimming and Precision Stunt Driving. I have been instructing stunt driving for the last 5 years.As a stunt performer I have doubled many actresses over the years, including Ellen Page, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Anna Friel, to name but a few and have been lucky to travel the world with work. Stunts also led me to be a personal trainer for Sebastian Stan, who plays The Winter Solder in Marvel’s Avengers. The best days are working on set all day, then heading straight to be with my Flow Family for the fun and laughs.

My dream was to work in fitness and to have my own school. Little did I know that dreams really can come true, in more ways than one. To have two jobs doing what I love, surrounded by incredible people…there
simply are no words.

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Flow Fitness, based in Dublin, Ireland.

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