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Inversion Pole Fitness is a studio built from the ground up. We’re proud to say we’ve grown from one woman’s business out of her car to a fully-kitted studio thanks to the tireless work and good values of Inversion’s members. Our working ethos is one of positivity, kindness, community and connection, where we embrace diversity in all that we do.
We aim to provide an inclusive, accessible and quality learning experience for our Inversion students. We’ve achieved all five-star reviews on Facebook and have many positive testimonials. For example, Inversion student Sam says, ‘As someone with multiple health issues, instructors have always gone above and beyond to make sure classes are accessible to me and I am included.’ We fundamentally believe that pole is for anyone and everyone and we strive to meet the needs of students by providing appropriate regressions and progressions. We also make sure to be flexible in the ways we teach so that everyone leaves a class feeling like they have achieved something, no matter their skill level or ability.

As many members of the team have a story about how pole has helped them, we’ve always had a focus on mental health. We offer free mental health days outside of lessons where we chat, eat cake and jam on equipment in a safe and relaxed environment. After losing a vibrant student last year, we knew how important it was to step up and provide even more support where we could give it. Several members of the team have taken part in mental health awareness and first aid courses, and we have a directory of resources to send our students to the right place should they need help. We’ve continued to hold the meet ups over Zoom during quarantine and have received a lot of positive feedback from the sessions, such as it is a ‘safe space to meet, chat and just be with like-minded folk’.

As an extension of this, we have an Inversion group on Facebook to encourage students to communicate and support one another, share memes and let us check in with them about their mental health. To develop our outreach and out-of-class offerings, we also hold open days where students can bring their friends and family and encourage them to join, as well as movie nights at the studio where we buy attendees pizza and watch a film using the world’s worst projector (it’s still fun!). We have fostered relationships with local fitness clubs to spread a message of self-love and positivity, which has opened up exciting opportunities and created a local atmosphere that is one of collaboration rather than one of opposition. We also offer pole and stretch retreats on a small scale of no more than six students, as this allows us to tailor the retreat to each individual while also providing a memorable bonding experience.

We’ve held several showcases over the years as we think it’s important for students and instructors to show all they’ve learnt and discover the joy of performing should they want to. Many students find this improves their confidence and helps them believe in their abilities in a way they might not have before. We also raise funds during our showcases for charitable causes, with all profits going to the selected cause as instructors and performers volunteer their time. The last one was for Little Warrior Alex, a local boy whose illness is life-limiting. Before lockdown we announced our plans to start a food donation point out of the studio for local homeless shelters and foodbanks, however we have postponed this for health and safety reasons until lockdown is fully lifted. We have fundraised for the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement with a series of classes, where a person could attend if they showed a donation receipt to our chosen BLM charity. However, we acknowledge we can do far more to be inclusive and are working to ensure that our studio is a good example to anyone who attends.

Covid-19 has impacted us all in many ways, and we immediately came up with a plan to provide for our students during lockdown. As we’re aware that people have been affected financially, we started a group over Facebook full of videos and tutorials that are accessible to anyone, with an option for donation. We’ve also arranged some free classes to thank the students for their continued support of the studio when lockdown first started. We’ve come up with several challenges for all levels and means for students at home, including a lockdown lollipop challenge, a super splits challenge and even a virtual showcase.

We certainly do not shy away from any type of pole and feel that teaching across all styles gives our students the best experience possible based on their likes and needs. We embrace self-celebration and have run workshops on ‘loving yourself’ by incorporating movement. We’ve hosted many photoshoots which we believe improves the confidence of our students and allows them to take pride in their pole progress with professional edits to keep for themselves. We’re particularly proud of our ‘Galentines’ evening event, where we taught body confidence, self-encouragement, lap dance and striptease, wrote self-love letters and even did some boudoir shots (followed by prosecco, of course), all accomplished with just two of our instructors. We feel our work demonstrates the tenacity, determination and creativity of our team and our company overall. We will continue to strive for quality and excellence in everything we do to create a community that always inspires and uplifts its members.

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