Pole Fitness 1 & 2 – Static Pole

XPERT Static Pole Fitness 1&2 was our first released program and has been developed over the years to what it is today. As our leading beginner/intermediate teacher training program the static pole 1&2 covers all you need to know to teach safe, effective, and fun beginner/intermediate static pole classes. This training has a big focus on spotting and how to teach each move, working through each move individually to understand them fully. Each movement being taught includes muscles, movement, progressions, regressions, variations, common mistakes and spotting when needed. If you are looking to become an instructor, assistant or even if you already have years of knowledge this training is the perfect start to your XPERT journey.
Our manuals are updated yearly so you can be confident that you are gaining the most up to date industry knowledge. The course’s main focus is to teach you how to teach.

Accredited by: Active IQ, CIMSPA, EMDUK, ACE, AFAA, NASAM, Pole Dance Community, Pole Safe Federation.

You must have a minimum of 12-months pole fitness experience, and be able to do a basic invert or the alternative entry. Knowledge of static pole spins will assist you. This training consists of 25% lecture, 10% exam and 65% practical. This training does have a practical and a written exam. To pass the course you must pass BOTH elements of the training and be able to confidently perform each move within the manual. You do not have to have a group exercise certificate to do our training, however to gain CEC’s with these companies you need to be a member.

Upon registering for the training, you will receive access to your online pre learning, you must complete the pre learning and written exam prior to the course.

Course covers:

  • Work through over 70 spins, tricks, floor, and transitions. PLUS, regressions and progressions.
  • Equipment Set Up, Health & Safety
  • Principles of Pole Fitness
  • Studio Set Up
  • Diversity & Inclusivity
  • Importance of Spotting
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Warm Up and Cool Down Practical & Theory
  • In-depth class design and lesson planning
  • Over 50 spotting techniques
  • Combinations
  • Pole Fitness essentials

Currently online trainings are only available in English. We can supply a German Manual
Face to Face can be held in English / German / Spanish. Please check when booking.

Once you have passed your training, you can gain access to your XPERT badge, online certificate and your XPERT discounts, be able to apply for insurance with any of our insurance partners and proudly place your logo on your social media accounts or website, plus benefits including discount with XPOLE, Pole Safe Federation and many more.

You do not need to be part of an association to do your XPERT Fitness Training.

USA:  If a member of ACE / AFFA or NASAM, to attain ACE or AFAA CEC’s You must be a registered Group Exercise/ Gym Instructor
UK:If a member of EMDUK or CIMSPA, to attain CIMPSA CECs You must be a registered Group Exercise/ Gym Instructor