With the world on lock down and unable to train in our beloved studios, the XPERT team have been working hard to bring you our new project “XPERT Online”. We have now made some of our courses available online so you can train to become an XPERT Pole or Aerial Fitness Instructor from the comfort of your own home. Our courses can be completed online in your own time and, once you are ready, you can arrange for an assessment via an online live-chat or through a video recording or wait until be are back to do it face to face.

XPERT’s ethos is really all about face to face training, as we believe this is the best way to really get the full XPERT experience. However due to us keeping in line with government rules, we have postponed all face to face training courses until the beginning of May. At this time all other face to face trainings are on as scheduled and we will inform you if there are any changes.