How to become a Pole and Aerial Fitness instructor

Becoming an instructor is a big step and should not be taken lightly. To be able to instruct well we highly recommend that you attend classes and make sure you practise and master what you are looking to teach.

To be able to attend the XPERT Teacher training you must have a minimum of 6 months experience. The XPERT teacher training courses are to help you learn how to teach, not to teach you how to do the moves.
Pole Fitness is a great form of exercise. Not only is it great for an all over workout it is great for wellbeing and mental health. Helping you to be confident and to help define your shape and become strong.
Aerial Hoop is one of the oldest forms of Aerial acrobatics, taught originally in the circus it is now a mainstream form of exercise taught in studios and fitness centres around the world. Great for upper body strength, the aerial hoop is an impressive form of fitness.
Yes, there is no limit or pre-requisite for pole or aerial fitness. Pole and aerial exercise is extremely physical and uses muscles that you will not have used before and therefore if you are not warmed up; muscle damage, strains and injury can occur. Before doing any exercise it is mandatory to warm up and, after use, cool down. Never try moves beyond your ability without an instructor. If at any time you feel uncomfortable, your muscles hurt, or you are short of breath – take a break. Always rest between moves & exercise sensibly, if you experience any health issues, seek medical advice. If you have any concerns, please contact your doctor.
XPERT Fitness is a professional teacher training program and a continuing education course. Written by some of the world's leading instructors in the industry, the XPERT Teacher Training is a 2 day 16 hour face-to-face course. As with any mode of fitness, continuing education is encouraged. Ongoing education will enhance teaching skills and techniques.

Visit our Find a Course page to see what online XPERT training courses are available. We currently offer Online Pole Fitness Level 1 & 2, Online Flexibility Flow and our new Active IQ Mental Health Awareness course.

XPERT is a comprehensive training that covers anatomy, movement, teaching techniques, spotting and much more. The training places a special emphasis on safety and spotting techniques, as well as safe and effective class design. The first day of the training will be split between lecture and practical. The second day will involve mostly practical and will end with the written and practical exam.

We are committed to helping you succeed. We provide three options for re-testing.

  1. Resubmit your practical assessment via video for no charge.
  2. Resubmit your written assessment via an online testing portal for no charge.
  3. You may attend the entire XPERT training again.

To re-test or for more info about the re-testing process, email info@xpertfitness.com

Click here for a full outline and overview of topics covered during the XPERT training.

At the start of the training, you will receive a written manual that is yours to keep. The Trainer thoroughly explains each topic in depth and is committed to preparing each trainee for the written and practical exam on Day 2.

Before you attend the training we recommend that you go into your XPERT account via the website. Complete the Anatomy and Physiology section and have a look at the online videos, these are for your visual use and have no sound. Check you have all the correct details and arrive at the training 15 mins prior to the start.

We recommend sportswear, leggings, sports top, be prepared for what training you are attending. If attending Pole, then please bring shorts. If attending Heels, please bring heels and knee pads. Please also bring a coat or jumper in the cold seasons as not all studios have heating.

There will be a one hour lunch break each day. Bring snacks and water with you to the training to hold you over should you need something while the training is taking place.

Please see our terms and conditions for full cancellation policy.

The XPERT teacher training is a teacher training so you will learn how to teach each move rather than learning how to do the move. You do need to be able to show that you can clearly perform the move and teach this, so we recommend that when you book on you look at our online videos to help you. The XPERT teacher training is perfect for those who have been teaching a while and for those who have just started.

YES you will need to be able to do all the moves to be able to understand how to teach them correctly.

The XPERT teacher training has a practical and written exam, you need to pass both elements to be able to complete the training

XPERT Fitness have an instalment plan, you can pay a deposit which is 20% of the training, you can then choose to pay a monthly fee, pay off chunks when you would like or pay the remainder closer to the time of the training. As long as the full amount has been paid a min of 14 days prior to the teacher training. All of these options are available in your XPERT account.

XPERT Fitness is a teacher training, we teach you how to teach not how to perform. If you wish to become a professional performer we recommend that you reach out to a professional pole or circus performance company.

The XPERT Fitness teacher training is accredited with multiple worldwide organisations so is recognised across the globe.

You will be certified once you have passed the written and practical exam which takes place on the 2nd day.