About XPERT Fitness

XPERT Fitness was founded over 10 years ago, starting out with just one pole program it has expanded into multiple of disciplines. XPERT is the only teacher training powered by XPOLE International, the No1 Pole & Aerial equipment manufacturer worldwide.

XPERT Fitness is an advocate of face-to-face training and strives on taking the time to really drive safe and effective learning across all aspects of pole and aerial fitness, standardising our industry along the way yet making safety one of its top priorities.

During the pandemic we had to learn how to adapt, and so our online self-learning and live online courses were created. We wanted to make sure that you still had the same great in-depth content but could learn from your home.

The Pole & Aerial industry has expanded at a rapid pace. Along with its team of highly skilled instructors, XPERT endeavour to bring you the best quality training in the industry whether it be face to face or online.

Recognised by over 8 fitness organisations across the globe and partnered with 3 of the world’s major insurance companies, taking an XPERT training is one of the best moves you can make in your teaching career.
Our manuals are not just one person’s view on how things should be taught, but a collective of over 25 trainers bringing their knowledge and expertise to create this powerful learning tool.
With its unique teaching method and in-depth material, you know when you take the XPERT training that you are getting the most up to date information in the industry. All our manuals are updated at least once a year and you as an XPERT member can receive the updates for free.

Pole Fitness

Pole Fitness is constantly evolving, with only around 30 years of documented history. Initially known as a passing fad, pole fitness exploded into gyms and fitness centres in the early 2000’s and is still going strong.

XPERT Pole Fitness Level 1&2 was our first released program and has been developed over the years to what it is today. We have continued to develop our next level training in Pole with the XPERT Level 3 & 4, Spinning Pole and Essential Science of Heels teacher trainings. XPERT Fitness believe that pole is for everyone and so we cater for all forms of Pole Fitness and Dance.


Aerial Fitness

Aerial acrobatics has been around for hundreds of years, seen swinging across a circus tent or in Cirque Du Soleil, the increase in popularity has grown in the last 7 years thanks to films and tv shows. Now aerial fitness can be found in many studios across the world teaching everyday people how to fly, allowing this art and fitness to become more accessible to learn.

XPERT Fitness teacher training was developed to help keep the aerial fitness industry safe and current. Working on aerial fitness within a studio setting we felt that these programs were an important part of the safe natural expansion of the industry. If you are looking to become the next renowned high-flying performer then we recommend that you take a specific performers certification. XPERT Fitness is aimed at those who want to teach aerial fitness safely and effectively within a studio or fitness setting. XPERT Fitness have multi-level trainings in Aerial Silks, Aerial Hoop, Aerial Hammock and Static Trapeze.


Children's Pole & Aerial Fitness

Our Children’s Pole & Aerial fitness training and Pre and Post Natal training in Pole & Aerial are the first of it's kind.
Our Children's Pole & Aerial focuses on multi-equipment classes and the importance of child safety. With the explosion of both the pole and aerial industries we wanted to make sure that as an instructor you had as much knowledge in both the legalities of teaching children but also the correct spotting and teaching techniques when it came to children. If you’re looking to teach children within your studio or in schools, then this training is a must have.
Our Pre & Post Natal training within the Pole & Aerial industry is our latest training, This training provides not only an in-depth look into the changes and adaptations that occur during pregnancy and the postpartum period, but also gives an invaluable training aid in the form of the manual to assist you in safely delivering appropriate training adaptations and advice for years to come.
To do these courses we recommend that you have a certification in at least one of the pole or aerial disciplines.


Flexibility Flow

There are many flexibility and stretch programs on the market that it can be hard to decipher what information is actually needed. Flexibility is quite personal and can be affected due to many things, as a pole and aerial specialist we have brought together an in-depth Flexibility Flow course. Written by our XPERT trainers who have a wide range of knowledge from yoga, physio, osteopath and fitness. This training gives you some great insight to the importance of stretching and how to safely and effectively increase your flexibility without causing injury to yourself or your students.