XPERT Industry Awards 2020

XPERT Industry Awards 2020

Thank you to everyone who applied, voted and nominated, we had thousands of votes and some amazing comments and feedback sent to us. A huge thank you to all our judges for all their hard work. Congratulations to all the winners.

The XPERT Industry awards have been created to recognise the best of our industry. The Pole & Aerial industry is ever growing and during this time we have seen it adapt and change to new ways. Many of us have been unable to train and have had to find what is the new normal in a trying time. These awards are to recognise those that have gone above and beyond for their studio, for their students and for the Pole & Aerial industry.

The Winners

XPERT Industry Most Inspirational Studio

XPERT Industry Most Inspirational Studio

1st - Just Dance

XPERT Industry Most Inspirational Studio - Just Dance

Incredible response on testimonials, hugely popular, inclusive studio, encouraging environment for students. Zoom training throughout lockdown to motivate students to stretch and condition. Pole, aerial, silks, dance classes.

Facebook: @justdancepolefitaerial
Instagram: @justdancepolefitaerial
Website: justdancestudio.co.uk
Website: justdancestudioswath.co.uk
Website: justdancewombwell.co.uk

2nd - Athena Fitness

XPERT Industry Most Inspirational Studio - Athena Fitness

Great business and handled lockdown with professionalism.

Website: athena-fitness.co.uk
Instagram: @athena_aerial_fitness
Facebook: @athenafitnessofficial
Youtube: Athena Fitness

XPERT Industry Most Inspirational Instructor

XPERT Industry Most Inspirational Instructor

1st - Ray Healy

XPERT Industry Most Inspirational Instructor - Ray Healy

Passionate about building students body confidence and courage, offering extra conditioning sessions during lockdown (virtually) to continue motivating students. Personable insta account, where she seems down to earth but still hugely passionate not only about pole but also the wider picture of a healthier more active lifestyle.

Instagram: @ray_face_

2nd - Dark Knight

XPERT Industry Most Inspirational Instructor - Dark Knight

Being a mental health advocate is so important and bringing that awareness to pole is essential. Team player sharing experience and coaching tips with students through workshops. Empowering insta handle, superb imagery, and messages.

Instagram: @misschromediva

3rd - Hannah Selden

XPERT Industry Most Inspirational Instructor - Hannah Seldon

Battled through personal health issues to promote pole in a positive light. Love the use of park equipment to get a workout in! Offered extra support to students through lockdown.

Website: aerialartsstudio.co.uk
Instagram: @hannah_aerialartsstudio

XPERT Industry Most Inspirational Student

XPERT Industry Most inspirational Student

1st - Thea Wilson

XPERT Industry Most Inspirational Student - Thea Wilson

What a story! What a journey to health and fitness! Incredibly inspiring and love the fact that the garden had to be dig up to put that pole in. Huge dedication for something she has fallen in love with.

2nd - Abi Peppermam

XPERT Industry Most Inspirational Studio - Abi Peppermam

Love the diversity of doctor and pole student. Hugely positive pole model, who is dedicated to putting in the hours of practice around the hectic life of being a full time NHS doctor

Instagram: @abi_pepperman

XPERT Industry Most Inspirational Brand

XPERT Industry Most Inspirational Brand

1st - Hoodlam Fang

XPERT Industry Most Inspirational Brand - Hoodlam Fang

Worked endlessly to continue production during covid via testimonials. Professional slick website. Brand is exceptionally strong with ambassadors. Clear diversity plan on website.

Website: hoodlumfang.com
Instagram: @hoodlumfang
Facebook: @HoodlumFang

2nd - Sew Steff

XPERT Industry Most Inspirational Brand - Sew Steff

Environmentally aware, pro active in pole community raising money for charities. Small business, personal touch.

Instagram: @sewsteff
Facebook: @SewSteff88

XPERT Ultimate Industry Award

XPERT Ultimate Industry Award

1st - Sarah Brown

XPERT Ultimate Industry Award - Sarah Brown

Sarah has a great character and leadership skills, Continues to actively raise the level of standards within the industry (with Pole safe), a positive ambassador for the industry. Legend.

Website – thepolestudio.co.uk
Website – polesafefederation.com
Website – thepolestudioinstructortraining.com

2nd - Pole Junkies

XPERT Ultimate Industry Award - Pole Junkies

Not just a clothing & accessories company, BLM activists, and proactive in keeping the pole community active during covid lockdown. Awesome. Well known and reaching beyond pole too.

Website: polejunkie.co.uk
Instagram: @pole_junkie
Facebook: @polejunkieUK

Lifetime Award

Thank you to Michaela Simpson Wharmby for the below information

Xpert Lifetime Award - Jess Leanne Norris

Jess Leanne Norris

Jess would be have been over the moon to know she has been given the life time achievement award. It really would have meant the world to her, it’s so sad that she is not here to share in this honour.

Jess really did make a difference in the Pole Industry right from the very first time she burst onto the scene in 2011!! She was a force to reckoned with, winning Miss Pole Dance UK at just 18 years old!!

She then went on to open JLN Dance & Fitness Studio, becoming very successful teaching 1000s of people all over the world with classes and her JLN workshops!! Jess had her own unique style combining strength, power and grace into her performances and teaching... and of course the famous JLN hair flick! She was truly mesmerising to watch, she really did take your breath away.

Jess went on to win Miss Pole Dance UK for the second time in 2015. I know that she was incredibly proud of herself and that was her favourite performance she ever did!!! She loved her pole family and the Pole industry - it was her life and true passion.

Jess truly was an inspiration to many people over the years. She really did change lives, not only with her incredible talent but with her compassion and love of helping people. She certainly changed my life.

Jess has left an incredible legacy in her short life throughout the Pole industry which we will never forget. She will greatly be missed.

On a personal note, she will forever remain in my heart as my little Red Devil with a kind, beautiful soul and cheeky smile. Rest in peace, my sweet girl.

Our Judges

X-POLE International

Clive Coote – X-POLE International. Clive is the brains and muscle behind the international company X-POLE. Clive has designed and developed all X-POLE products. Clive has been in business for over 40 years and is a fontal of knowledge in engineering and business practise.

Go Team Up

Tim Green – Tim Green – Tim is from TeamUp, the most popular booking system for pole studios. Tim has worked alongside our industry for many years, understanding our businesses and what works for our studios. During lockdown TeamUp were one of the first companies to allow our studios to integrate using Zoom and making it all a little less daunting.

Carrie Hill – Carrie is part of the business development team for EMDUK the governing body for Dance and Fitness. Carrie has been helping instructors and studios through these tough times with class finder and their new online platform. EMDUK work directly with Sport England and also with Pole Safe Federation.


Cleo The Hurricane – Cleo is a Pole Legend, known for her incredible brand Cleo the Hurricane, Cleo is a leading entrepreneur and is know to guide many others within the industry.

Cleo The Hurricane

Sarah Jones – Sarah’s marketing career began in 2001 and she has an extensive background in digital marketing. At Insure4Sport, she heads up the 17-stong Marketing team, including an in-house Design Studio, Brand and Communications team and Digital team. After being promoted to Marketing Director in 2017, Sarah is responsible for ensuring the Marketing team drive future success and growth and develop marketing strategies which continue to take advantage of new digital and technological innovations.

The Prizes

XPERT Industry Awards Trophy
XPERT Online Teacher Training Course
X-POLE Vouchers and clothing.
Pole Dance Academy Gold Membership
Go Team Up Monthly Subscription
Insure 4 Sport Year Policy – Instructor category only
£200 of shopping vouchers courtesy of RIPE Thinking – Instructor category only
£50 voucher for Pole Camps Spain
Years Free Membership to Pole Safe Federation
Free Ticket to Pole Theatre UK
EMDUK Goodies
Off The Pole Clothing
Cleo The Hurricane Goodies

XPERT Industry Awards 2020
X-POLE International
Go Team Up
Cleo The Hurricane