Tiff Finney

Tiff Finney, owner of Pole Physique in Glasgow, Scotland is known for her love and passion for heels and the importance of self-confidence and worth.

Heel technique and the ability to create depth, shape and sound with each movement is what Tiff lives for. The pinnacle for Tiff is writing the content for XPERT Essential Science of Heels and being the course Master Trainer. Having the opportunity to formulate and write down the techniques she’s worked tirelessly on for 10 years means she can now share her love and knowledge of all things Heels. It is huge for the community to have the art form of Heels based Pole to be recognised and standardised and Tiff is honoured to be a part of it. 

Tiff has judged, compered, taught workshops and performed professionally and internationally since 2012 and is a proud Pole Junkie Ambassador. She is also the 2018 Off The Pole Best On The Pole and Best Off The Pole Female Winner.