Jo Dandridge

Jo Dandridge is an Xpert Master Trainer. She has been doing Pole for 14 years and has been highly regarded in the fitness industry for 20+ years. Jo trained in many forms of dance when she was younger including Ballet, Modern, Latin and Ballroom. Jo teaches Pole, Aerial Hoop and Hammock Certifications and also Mental Health Awareness. She is also an Internal Verifier for the Xpert trainings. You will see Jo regularly on the Pole Competition circuit as a judge – she has judged UKPPC, Kent Pole Championships, Pole Art UK, Pole Theatre Amateur, Airstars Asia and UKAPP. She’s also worked at many fitness exhibitions including FIBO, The International Fitness Convention, Fitcamps and many more. Jo’s passion lies in teaching, ensuring that students learn with safe and effective techniques and is passionate about helping new instructors to become the best they can!