Brittny Ravotti

Brittny Ravotti is a dedicated teacher of various forms of fitness and dance.

Discovering a natural knack for pole in 2009 she immediately booked every spare moment at the studio. 

Outgrowing her studio she trained with Fawnia Mondey completing her first dance certification in 2010. From there she was off! Obtaining teaching certifications through NESTA, FlyGym and Liquid Motion before being asked aboard by XPERT. Continuing education is important and she’s looking forward to completing her RYT 200-hour this February in Peru.

Obsessed with body awareness since childhood Brittny delightfully applied self taught movement to yoga starting in 2007. She credits yoga for her transition into healthy living. Once discovering pole dancing though, yoga almost went out the window.

Students know her class to be dense with technique, expect endless cues with meticulous breakdown. Being known for extreme fluidity landed her a first paid performance in 2012 at the birthday party of reality TV show winner Jenna Morasca of Survivor. Brittny’s also enjoyed performing in Pittsburgh through the years at art shows.

When she isn’t glued to a pole, her love of hiking mountains transcends her aversion to walking. She loves travel, Burning Man, enjoys volunteer work and is okay with loving her dog a little too much. 

Brittny joined the XPERT team as a Master Trainer at the International Pole Convention in 2019 and intends to teach until her walker obstructs the way. She currently teaches at Fitness Envi near her hometown in PA and travels the US to certify teachers in the XPERT program.