VI-Dance was found in 2009 in Dortmund in a 50 square meter office with 4 poles. The next pole studio was over 100km away and pole dance was not really known in Germany. A lot of people came and 2010 we moved to a bigger place. Although in 2010 we opened up our chain studio in Essen. 2011 we opened up the next chain studios in M√ľnster and 2017 in Hamm. We grow to one of the biggest affiliated pole studio chain in Germany.
VI-Dance offers a great trainer certification for pole dance and supports the athletes who wants to take part in competitions with a special show training.
One of our first rules is, that all people are welcome in our studio and be accepted. We want to spread out pole dance to the world to each person it doesn’t matter witch age, size, skin-color, sexuality or gender. Everybody is welcome – this is our spirit and we believe that pole dance can bring all together.
The studio owner Vivien Feld was founder member of the ODPS (Organisation des deutschen Pole Sports ). She organized 5 years in a row the IPSF German Pole sport Championships to spread out the pole spirit and support the sport to get more recognition and acceptance. She was although many years an IPSF Judge and judged Steel on Fire 2019.

Instagram: tanzstudiovidance