Urban Circus

Urban Circus was a happy accident founded by a 21 year old Natalie (me!) who had made friends with a couple lovely mums who wanted a fun thing to do for a 40th birthday party. Had it not been for these two wonderful women, I never would have started running classes, let alone opened two studios and had the pleasure of teaching thousands of women who have graced us (and disgraced us in all the best ways only heels can haha). I never would have made the best friends who filled my heart and my wedding party as they were from different generations and walks of life. Pole and aerial have brought us together and kept us together for 10 years! Our studio is all about community. Every shape, every age, every ability, every background. You can believe in what you want, so long as that includes believing in yourself. We truly are a circus family here and that’s something I’m really, really proud to be a part of.

We haven’t really ventured out into the wider community in terms of competing or advancing the sport. I haven’t got a list of exciting achievements to give you of medals we’ve brought home. The exciting list i can share is that we have helped incredible women find support and friendship through eating disorders, bullying, divorce, bereavement, unemployment and uncertain times. We’ve shared joy in pregnancies, weddings, achieving dreams and smashing stereotypes. We’ve taken that 40 something year old house wife who thinks she’s frumpy, and helped her realise she’s a goddess and pleasers and hot pants are for everyone. We’ve shown her she doesn’t need to be a size 6 to be sexy as hell. That’s our kind of exciting list of achievements.

website is www.urban-circus.co.uk
facebook: urbancircusstudios
insta pages: urbancircusstudios