I have been teaching Pole, Aerial and Dance for the last 6 years now and have tried my best to help many people develop in so many ways.
Their health and fitness, their confidence and self esteem, their passion for something for themselves and the support for each other.
I don’t let anyone give up easily and I push just enough for them to realise they are always capable of much more than they believe in themselves. This extends to way beyond what I physically teach them in class, but also becomes applied to their life in general and all the obstacles we face. The support network is there in and out of class and is something I am very proud of.
Watching people grow in different ways and sharing their experience with others in their classes is what motivates me to continue doing what I do. Over 50 ladies took to the stage in our annual show last year, many of which never thought they would. It’s such a great thing to see and share with my students, they inspire me everyday and I hope I inspire them just as much.️
FB and instagram: @justdancepolefitaerial