Jo Staveley

I have taught pole, hoop and flexibility for about 3 years and was hoping to do aerial hammock next. When I first started classes I was painfully quiet with barely any friends but quickly found a community of inspiring women (and men) to call my home, which has definitely made me more outgoing and more willing to try things in all areas of my life (what’s the worst that can happen? We’ve all had a good laugh after falling on our bums).
Teaching is an absolute joy and I love watching students reach their goals or come in after a bad day and leave laughing.
Last year I had some strange symptoms where my hand or feet wouldn’t do what I wanted and was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour. In October last year I had gamma knife surgery and was back training on the pole by the end of the week. Unfortunately after that I experienced more neurological symptoms and have non epileptic seizures and at one point was in a wheelchair. I improved to the point where I taught a few stretch classes on zoom with the studio during lockdown which was wonderful seeing everyone’s faces and photos but have since relapsed a little with seizures most days.
Thankfully Natalie (studio owner of Urban Circus) has been so wonderful and supportive and kept me in the loop. At the moment I’m just stalking my students on Instagram but I’m sure I’ll be back shouting ‘point your toes’ before long!

I teach pole, hoop and flexibility classes at Urban Circus Studios, Harrogate and Ripon.

Instagram : jofowleraerial