Jennie Marshall

My name is Jennie aka “Rainbow Girl” as I love all things brightly coloured, sparkly and rainbow – I hope to make everyone’s day a bit brighter with the clothes I wear! I am 20 years old and started pole just over a year ago, I didn’t have any sort of dance background and wasn’t flexible at all so I was nervous to start but fell in love with the positive energy and sense of achievement that everyone created at classes. I love how we all build each other up no matter what level we’re at and all make each other feel at home at pole. In normal times I would be going to classes 6 times a week but at the moment I have had to fit online classes around my job at a supermarket, I am lucky enough to have a pole at home. I have struggled with anxiety for the past 4 years or so and pole has enabled me come out of my shell and be my confident happy self, at first I didn’t have the courage to go to classes alone but as I started to gain confidence with all the positive vibes that surrounded me and seeing the progress I made from one week to the next I was able to go by myself. Pole is the only exercise I have stuck to for so long and it introduced me to another love of mine now – aerial hoop. It has not only changed my physical health but also my mental health in day to day life as I am more adventurous than ever before thanks to my instructors and all my pole friends and I love it!

The studio I attend is Even Flow Pole and Yoga, my instructors are Amber Boyden-Wilson ( and Mandy Rice (

My Instagram handle is @jamjennie