Jane Fitzpatrick (aka Bendy Wendy)

A bit about myself: I’m Jane, I’m 25 (26 next week!) . I’ve been attempting pole for about a year and a half now- I absolutely love it. Pole helped me become physically and mentally stronger, it was always something I wanted to try but I’d written it off as something I’d never be able to do, (Previously didn’t even have the upper body strength to do a forward roll!). It lets me be the best version of myself and it inspires me to try harder.
Lately, I’ve had a rough time health-wise, the past 6 months in particular, and there was a point I struggled to walk: but I’d still try to get on the pole! The thought of getting back up there kept me focussed. 9 out of 10 times I slid to the bottom /fell off but I kept at it. (I learnt the hard way bandages don’t grip the pole ). As a result I’m stronger/more flexible than what I was before! It gave me the confidence to start running again too, showed me that I was strong enough .

Additional info: As soon as I was able to I went back to work to help my colleagues, I’ve worked for the NHS for almost 2 years now- more recently mostly in coding. Of course in current circumstances this is quite stressful, and pole can be a welcome escape.

Every year (bar this one of course), I run the GNR for a charity. I also paint and sketch in my spare time, sometimes working on commissions.
My recent health struggles have included; vitamin deficiencies, uncontrolled Asthma, Raynauds and an undiagnosed immune condition. This causes painful skin reactions where my skin will break/blister- obviously for gripping the pole that isn’t ideal! I had a particularly bad reaction on my leg which caused a secondary infection and consequently I had to give up pole for a short while. I also had to have numerous biopsies and stitches.

My amazing instructor is Gemma Fielding, email: northumbriapole@gmail.com, from Northumbria Pole Fitness Studio- where I am a student. Even when I was housebound, she was constantly supportive/encouraging.

I have a public Instagram, which is janefitzpatrick94.