Jade Markwell

I started pole 5 years ago, and have been teaching for a year and a half.
When I first starting training, I fell in love with pole straight away. I emptied my bank account to attend as many classes as I could! I was so nervous starting out, as I had no dance background, and had never experienced real physical training before. After my first class I was hooked! I thank pole for so many things, my confidence grew, my strength reached heights that I never thought I could achieve, and I met so many amazing people along the way. I trained at various studios and attended pole camps, and before I knew it, my whole life evolved around pole! A few years in to training, I found myself dreaming of becoming an instructor.
Just before I started teaching, a local studio (Pole Gym in Cheshire) advertised that they were looking for an instructor. I jumped at the chance and applied right away. Within weeks, my application had been accepted and I was booked on to an Xpert training course. I had also received another offer from another local studio to teach there (Cloud Elite in Greater Manchester) which I jumped at the chance to accept, as that was the main studio that I was training at myself.
In all honesty, I took on way too much teaching to begin with alongside working a full time job, but I found myself in my dream job and didn’t notice the strain that I was putting myself under as I loved it so much. I was teaching at least 4 nights a week between both studios as well as working 9-5, as well as trying to keep up with my own training. My social life outside of pole was non existent and I wasn’t eating or resting well. I was just so hooked on helping people progress, and watching my students faces as they achieved new goals. I am much better at looking after myself now though!
Teaching through lockdown (thank you Zoom) has been just as rewarding as teaching at the studio, but has also been a challenge. Like most polers who have poles at home, lack of space and height has been an issue for me. Hours and hours of time have gone in to ensuring everything I teach is new, safe, being demoed at the perfect angles for the camera and is suitable for the mixed abilities of students that attend. I am so lucky to have amazing students who have booked on week after week through lockdown. Thank you all so much for supporting me. One thing I have really loved about Zoom classes, is the opportunity to teach people from across the world, who have contacted me through social media asking to join my classes. I have even had a student attend from America, which being based in the UK, was an honour!
During lockdown, I had the opportunity to re-locate back to Essex where I am originally from to be closer to my family, and the current goal now is to begin plans to open my own studio! My notice has been handed in at my 9-5, and as soon as I find the perfect place, I will own my own studio. I can’t wait! Dreams are slowly becoming a reality! Thank you to all my students who have given me the strength and confidence to take the next step in my career.
Instagram: jade_polefitness.