Genevieve Schermann

I am Genevieve Schermann, an American girl who ended up living in Germany because of love. I’m a Colorado girl, and we have more sunshine than California and Florida, even though one of them boasts the title of sunshine state. The area of Germany that I live in now, is really grey and rainy; a bit of a change and a teensy bit depressing but going to work at Tanzstudio Vi-dance always has me leaving classes at the end of the day tired but happy to my heart’s content. I am truly humbled and honored to have been nominated and this is also how I feel having such a fun job. Where else can you spend the hours jamming out to great music and sharing laughs? It’s a great atmosphere in the studio where we learn to cherish our bodies for what they are capable of achieving and not for superficial reasons of what society arbitrarily dictates they should look like. It’s incredibly rewarding to see students grow in self confidence as their skill set simultaneously increases week by week. Yeah, so I might miss the sunshine but I consider it a fair trade off because I feel extremely lucky to have a job in which I get to connect with people and help them become more empowered, both physically and spiritually. I really truly believe dance is therapeutic for the soul and there aren’t a lot of venues for adult dance and acrobatics. It’s also fantastic that you don’t need to have any kind of dance or gymnastics background to be able to start aerial acrobatics, all you need is passion and patience. You gotta want it, and put in the sweat to earn it. Perseverance really pays off. And now when the sun shines I appreciate it in a way that I didn’t really take note of back when I lived in Colorado.

Dance Studio: Tanzstudio Vi-dance, Essen Germany

I started working at the reception desk in 2012 and in 2014 I began to teach pole dance and flexibility classes. Shortly afterward I also became certified to teach aerial silks and aerial hoop.

IG handle: aerial.evie
Facebook: Genevieve Schermann