Chrome Roses Pole Dance

Chrome Roses Pole Dance, or CRPD (also known as the Palace), was created by Leah Rose in 2014.
We started running classes with Leah as the only instructor out of a community centre that, although wasn’t in the nicest part of the city, managed to start growing our gorgeous family vibe and supportive environments our students know today.
We now have our own space, our family of instructors and students have grown, and we are known for showing passion support and love to all who walk through our doors.

Today CRPD isn’t just a studio where you can learn to swing around a pole….its a community where you can make lifelong friendships, challenge your perception of who you are and what you can achieve, and change your life! We might be a small studio but we’ve got you.

CRPD has supported our students mind, body and soul through lockdown. We have thought long and hard about how we can keep our regular and new students strong, confident and positive during these strange times and offered an incredible range of online classes and a showstopper of a weekly quiz night to keep a positive family and community vibe.
This supportive way of thinking isn’t new as we have put on lots of “school trips” for students from belly dancing to go karting and our Christmas parties are legendary.

CRPD doesn’t rely on any one person and we aren’t interested in big egos or drama. We want to see each individual student and trainer progress, whether that is in baby steps or giant leaps. And we know that sometimes it feels like nothing is improving and we aren’t afraid to acknowledge that but we will keep you motivated until your mind and body catch up!

The Palace isn’t just a place we work out – it’s made up of the laughs, sweat, failures, successes, effort and achievement that everyone of us has contributed and we are very proud of that!
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