Athena Fitness

Open for 11 years this year; Athena Fitness offers professional, fun and effective aerial fitness classes for all.
Our classes include Pole Fitness & Dance, Aerial Hoop, Aerial Silks, Trapeze, Sling, Circus workshops, Children’s Classes, Flexibility, Twerk, Bespoke apparatus including flying pole, aerial cube, sphere, spiral, heart, rope, net and moon. Holistic massages and more.
Our students wellbeing is top priority at Athena Fitness: our students not only come to the studio as a place to get fit, release energy and stress in a professional environment, its also a safe haven for all. Most of our instructors, therefore, are also mental health first aid trained or certified and this just makes our students feel even safer!
The atmosphere is always professional inside the studio but off site where the atmosphere is more relaxed you can tell all instructors and students are like a family unit. Everyone has endless support for each other and you can hear this in & outside of the studio.

Instagram- @athena_aerial_fitness

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A revamped Circus bringing you incredible performances to create the best show on the planet!
This is a exciting show, which encourages pole & aerial schools, dancers and performers to unite and showcase their awesome skills, choreographed to WOW their audience.


Insta- @circesque