Amber Boyden-Wilson

I absolutely adore my job. I have taken 5 pole courses and one hoop course with Xpert. Within a year and a half of starting classes I had 2 team members and have currently one in training. I always adored pole fitness but had an on and off journey as a student. As soon as I started teaching, I fell completely in love with it, more than I knew I would. Once I got settled initially, I realised I want to build something great here. There are so many reasons to love teaching and instructing and so many benefits. The pinnacle for me is what is does for a persons mental health. Whether it’s just cheering you up after a bad day or really helping you overcome depression or anxiety. It’s just an amazing tool. Pole and aerial is known to so many as “therapy”. I believe it really is. There is something about the expression, the spinning around freely teamed with building strengths and achieving things we never knew we could. I know for sure when I have a strong body I feel like I have a strong mind. Through my journey, i always enjoyed watching the experienced girls do beautiful tricks, of course (who doesn’t?) but to me the most special thing is that shy beginner that gets her first leg hang. When she does something she’s worked on that she never thought she could, when she’s confident enough to happily accept compliments from the rest of the group without feeling uncomfortable. When she is confident enough to have a picture taken to show her family or friends because, she is seeing a self in a brighter light. Just when any person in class starts to really have that feeling of self acceptance. And that was always what I loved about teaching from day one, there is 1000 other reasons but that and a sense of teamwork is how I drive forward for my business.

The number one rule between the instructors and I after safety is to keep the huge sense of team work created. Everyone is welcome. Different genders, age, size, ability. And we all are in the same team. We are all equal. With the pole fitness classes; I have kept them mixed and have an assistant to help the new/beginners in the busy classes. I’ve kept it this way as the intermediate/advance girls were so helpful and supportive of the beginners when I first began. I wanted to keep this forever. Of course they train different things but it keeps that sense of team work.

Additionally I love running really creative workshops for the really keen students in which we dig into more niche pole styles such as Chinese pole. Or workshops with a fun theme where we dress up like a Disney theme. And dance pole day boot camps.

During isolation many girls were unsure of their jobs or didn’t have pole to join us on our online zoom classes. We ran 2 months of totally free insta live general fitness classes and some fun weekend workshops to keep everyone’s physical and mental health up. And keep that sense of team. We had a few interactive pole quizzes over this time where myself and the instructors did pole moves and they had to answer questions on them.

Myself and my team have planned a series of fundraisers to raise money towards a studio. Isolation has obviously postponed most of these plans. So we changed phase 1 and we are now running many online workshops to start raising that money towards a permanent venue. I am so lucky to have such a supportive team that share my vision. I couldn’t do it without their support and love.

@evenflowpoleandyoga (Probably the best link to check out my class vibes)